Priya is very thorough and gentle. As a nervous patient, she reassured me and talked me through every step of my treatment which was of great comfort to me personally thank you Priya.

Karen Bennett

Staff are always very friendly


This dentist is currently brilliant if only my doctors at Moorswalk were as good as this dentist.


Friendly staff & pleasant waiting area


Staff was very friendly and the dentist was very calming, explained everything she was doing.


I'm happy service always good friendly they are polite.


I am very pleased with the orthodontic work that Dr Shamir Shah has carried out. Any problems with the braces were quickly resolved and Dr Shah gave me clear information at every stage of the process. I can finally smile with confidence!

Jane Read

As a patient for around 12 years I have always been willing and keen to visit Neil Kapoor on a regular basis. He is both friendly and professional at all times, and I can honestly say I have never dreaded the "dentist’s chair" quite like I used to before Neil became my regular dentist.

I have, over the years, had a variety of everyday treatments, including crowns etc., all carried out by Neil, but some 7/8 years ago I was in danger of losing 3 bottom teeth from a very obvious area that would be seen by all.

At Neil’s' suggestion, I embarked on a 3 month course of treatment, which included a custom made bridge, and at no time did I suffer the humiliation of having a huge gap.

This was made possible because Neil made me such a wonderful temporary bridge, that I was almost reluctant to part with it when the permanent bridge was ready. But of course the temporary one was replaced with new one, and it has served me very well to this day.

It is always "almost" a pleasure to visit Neil, mainly because I know he will always give me friendly, straightforward advice, and will certainly go beyond the call of duty should I ever be in pain.

Many thanks Neil.

Julie Rae

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